Dear Future Husband,

HEEYY future husband! How are you feeling!?…Me, I’m feeling smooth. It’s Friday, I didn’t just get paid, I’m not party hunting or drinking but the bass on this Mary J Blige song is bumping and my boo-tay is shaking just a little. With everything going on in the world, I feel its important to sing and dance everyday. It keeps me grounded and helps me decompress. My emotions have been on one million lately…Well my emotions have been on one million since I was a little girl but that’s a different story for another day.

I see you💕

Currently I live with my son and our G.G.C.( Golden Girl Crew) which is my mom and grandma who has dementia. My grandma has been living with us for almost 8 years and has been declining little by little since moving with us. My mom and I feel like she’s been declining at a more rapid rate this year and it’s getting more difficult to deal with her. This morning around 8:30, I heard my grandma’s walker coming up the hallway. I assumed she was going to the bathroom but she was headed toward the front door. We have a step down into our house in the living room, Thank YAHWEH we do because my grandma would have left. When I approached her she looked scared, frazzled and didn’t recognize me. I asked her what was wrong and she said I need you to call the police they’re trying to kill me. Apparently, she had a nightmare and it took a while to calm her down. Within the last couple of months she’s been asking my mom if she’s dying and some days when she’s frustrated she says I wish GOD would just take me. I feel bad for my grandma. There are days when I wish YAHWEH would call her home because it seems like she’s suffering.

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Christmas 2019✨

So, after I did my part to calm my grandma down, I had to get ready for my son’s doctor appointment. I am loving the tell-a-med virtual appointments. He sees a few specialist and their offices are almost 2 hours away from where we live. I dread going up there but covid has lessened my burden on that end some what. His appointment went very well and we got a new neurologist which is something I’ve been talking to YAHWEH about. We were suppose to drive to the office in September but the nurse called and offered me a virtual visit instead. CAN I GET A AMEN AND HALLELUJAH!! His doc was asking me about school and I strongly dislike talking about school because of what we experienced last year. I had to withdraw him from school because I suspect he was neglected and abused. 2019 was a traumatic year for us but we made it through. Thanks to the Holy Trinity. Now that’s it time to go back to school my son wants to go back but he’s not keeping a mask on all day and I refuse to put him back into the school district he was previously in. So I don’t know what this school year is going to be like!???

Just got finished eating a snack and now we feel like a snack😁

After the appointment, my son and I watch some episodes from Shark week, washed the car and maxed and relaxed for the rest of the day. We had a great day! I hope you had a great day!! I also hope you are using the quarantine time to evaluate and upgrade your self. I’ve learned a lot about myself during this season. YAHWEH has been teaching me about myself and lots of other things. I’ve yearned to be a wife since I was a little girl but rejected the idea of marriage after things went south with my son’s father. However, over the past few years YAHWEH has been changing my perspective about marriage. Biblical marriage is completely different from worldly marriage. Just like biblical love is different from worldly love. I can’t get down with the LOVE IS LOVE narrative. I want Biblical Marriage, Biblical Love and a Biblical Family. Genesis 2:21-24 is one of my favorite scriptures. So like I said I hope you had a great day. I hope that you are safe wherever you are. I pray you are strengthening your intimate one-on-one relationship with the HOLY TRINITY. TTYL -Dom-

KJV 🙏🏽 Where’s my rib at??👀

Sunday Vibes…Started @ 2:55 p.m.

Today I’m feeling Fantastic! I got to sleep in late as my usual wakeup time is between 6 and 8am. I had an awesome night last night and didn’t go to bed until 4 am. My mom and I had a “Tower Moment”, where we both were open and honest with each other. We have been “beefing” on and off for the past 6 years and within this last year and a half, things have gotten toxic and nasty. The conversation we had last night was about the events and emotions that have led to those negative moments. A huge burden was lifted off me by having that conversation, I felt so good that I couldn’t go to sleep which stimulated my creative juices.

In my opinion, “Tower Moments” are moments that help you release, they help you gain perspective, they give you clarity, they help you grow, and they might also reveal whose truly on your team. I had been praying for this moment for a while and my prayers were finally answered. I cannot emphasize how much God has been doing in my life. I’ve never felt closer to God and Jesus at any other point in my life. I’ve always believed in God and Jesus but the last 3 years, my relationship with those beautiful men has strengthen significantly. When I tell you, they been showing up and showing out… GOD IS SO AMAZING!! I will never live my life with out the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Since I’ve been strengthening my connection with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, I’ve been noticing things like repeating numbers, 1111, 222, 333 etc. and my ancestors have been communicating more along with the animal/insect community. I’ve been dreaming about spiders and physically seeing them everywhere I go. Sometimes I don’t even see the spider, I just see the web. I must admit spiders put in work when they weave their webs. Currently I have a friend named Nicholas, he’s a black and yellow garden spider that has moved into my mom’s gardening basket. The basket is located next to the trash cans so, every time I take out the trash I speak to Nicholas. He creates a beautiful web that has a silk zig zag in the middle, it’s super pretty. When black and yellow garden spiders spin their web, they also anchor the web in 5 different areas. Nicholas likes to anchor his web on my mom’s car sometimes if she backs up far enough. I told him he’s got to cut that out because when my son comes flying out the houses, he’s going to tear down your web. However, Nicholas doesn’t listen, he just does him and I’m not mad at that. This morning when took the trash out, we apparently got some rain last night and it destroyed his web. I get sad when his web gets destroyed. This is the seconded time the rain has destroyed his web, but he always rebuilds and it’s even more beautiful then it was before. Spiders used to creep me out, they still do but I have a new appreciation for the craftmanship it takes for Nicholas and his cousins to spin those delicate webs.

In my post about my 2019 lessons, I stated that my biggest fears had come to fruition. Now I’m also seeing animals and insects that creep me out. The events I’ve been experiencing and critters I’ve been seeing have been helping me to face my fears. There comes a time when you can no longer run from people, places or things that put fear in your heart, mind, body and soul. You must face those challenges and fears head on. Those fears or challenges have come about for a reason. EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON! There are so many beautiful people, places and things on Earth. There’s a reason why Earth is the only planet that’s can sustain life as we know. The climate crisis is legit, I love having the freedom to take a walk, to go to the beach, and to have the opportunity to go outside and breath in the fresh prana. We should all fight like hell to save this beautiful planet. We need to find positive and constructive ways to push back against the ignorance, delusions and hatred that exist in this world, especially when it comes to the climate crisis. It’s a beautiful day where I live, and I hope it’s a beautiful day where you are. No matter what your situation may be, no matter how many people you have supporting what you do, so long as you have breath in your body you can change your circumstance. I sincerely hope everyone has a beautiful day and a productive week!!

Signed a spiritual being, having physical experience while falling in love with her true authentic self and the WORLDS that surround her….Nbetween 2 Worlds  

My friend Nicolas the black and yellow garden spider