1. Exoneration of thy self is not an easy task. It’s extremely turbulent and can cause extreme heart ache. Especially when others decide your fate.

2. Once the faults of the past are realized and examined, how do you move forward without repeating the same patterns, habits and/or addictions? Can you overide the urge to backslide into the darkness?

3. Exoneration of thy self can cause one’s self to explore; doing impulsive and destructive activities to one’s self & others. One’s mental health can diminish within seconds…

4. Sometimes it’s fun and exciting to dwell in the darkness. There are no rules or expectations when you’re in the darkness! You can do whatever, be whatever, think whatever, explore whatever in the darkness. There’s no responsibility or punishment in the darkness!?…

5. However, once you’re in the darkness can you fall deeper… deeper…until you reach the abyss? Regardless of what you have done, do you deserve redemption for the abominations that you have done? Can you climb out of the darkness and/or abyss with a clean slate; with a renewed heart, mind, body soul, and spirit?

6. I haven’t always been the best person to myself! I didn’t defend myself when I should have. I didn’t speak up for myself when I should have. I didn’t say NO when I should have. I didn’t LOVE myself the way I should have. I didn’t love YAHWEH the way I should have. I hid my pain and trauma because I was afraid of people’s reaction. I cried in silence behind closed doors so many times, for so many years. I ate my pain away until I became obese and ugly to some, even myself. I punished myself over and over for not doing and being better. YAHWEH said He wouldn’t flood the earth again but my tears can flood the earth 20 times over.

7. In my destruction of thy self, I wasn’t always a good daughter, mother, sister, or friend. I was extremely toxic in numerous ways to numerous people. I used and abused people. I bullied people. I emotionally manipulated people.I even thought of killing people and actually did. The only reason I’m not in jail is because it’s legal to get away with the murder I committed.

8. Some never get a second chance but, then there are some who are blessed with chance after chance to redeem themselves. Once redepmtion and exoneration is achieved, is this person ready to be rehabilitated into society? Whose helping “the redeemed” to rehabilitate into a society whose deemed them unworthy. Our justice system certainly doesn’t seem to work that way!?

9.Our society is quick to cancel somebody who disagrees with the popular opinion and gets highly offended when they don’t hear or see something that follows the popular movement or feeling. Emotions and feelings change day to day so, how do we deal with our changing emotinal state that often leads us into the darkness and/or abyss? Can we forgive and agree to disagree? Instead of forcing others to “bow down” to one’s ignorance? Can we have honest conversations where people don’t get offended? Can we work on healing old wounds that have bleed over thousands of times?

10. Exoneration of thy self is not an easy task. It’s extremely turbulent and can cause extreme heart ache. Especially when others decide your fate. I have been blessed with the opportunity to turn from my wicked ways.I never want to go back to the abyss and darkness. There is no life there. Am I perfect NO and never will be. Everday I have to diligently seek YESHUA in all my ways. YESHUA pulled me from the abyss and darkness so YAHWEH could renew my heart, mind, body, soul and spirit. I’m glad YAHWEH determines my fate and not the world!! Love you Heavenly Father!!🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩

Dear Near Future👋🏽🙏🏽…

Dear Near Future…

 Soon, I want Jaden to be healthy and happy. I want jay and I to face our fears about school and anything else that brings us anxiety or distress. I want my son to be in an educational environment where he is thriving not just surviving. I want him to be in an environment where educators, mentors and protectors’ dwell.
I want Jaden to be around his peers so that he can establish positive and lasting friendships. I want him to be in an educational environment that promotes kindness, compassion, and love.
I want his educational environment to encourage his curiosities so, long as they are school appropriate. I want his educators, mentors and protectors to discipline fairly, compassionately and most of all keep me abreast to what is happening to my son while he is in school. WE want to trust EVERYONE that is on school premises! Teamwork makes the dream-work!!

My son used to love school and I want him to fall in love with school again! I loved school and still do; I would love a master’s degree, but our education system is disgusting. People who are narrow minded and not really invested in our Education are in control of our future. Their ignorance and lack of leadership discourages me from getting my Masters. Plus, higher Education is expensive A.S.F. and if I’m going to invest in myself, my future,
I want to be able to choose all my classes and not be limited to certain classes. There were plenty of communications that I wanted to take but couldn’t because I had to take other classes I wasn’t interested in. I do agree a student should be well rounded in different areas, but WE should get to choose what we take.  I have a bachelor’s degree in communications and I also have an associate in medical assisting. Two different majors but together they have been changing my life.

I was headed into my junior year of high school when I got pregnant with my son. Before I got pregnant, I loved school and was excited about the educational path I was going to take. Everything that I was exposed to in kindergarten, elementary and middle school helped prepared me for my high school experiences.  Except, getting pregnant that is. I had the privilege of taken classes in high school that helped me release my creative gene and communication was a major where I could release my creative genius. When my son was diagnosed, I stopped my bachelor’s degree and pursued medical assisting. I wanted to do massage therapy, but a great counselor listened to my story and suggest I take up medical assisting, as it would make me more well-rounded to deal with doctors.  My instincts constantly reminded me to not let doctors’ experiment with Jaden. Yes, there will be trial and error but certain things we are not down for, I don’t care what the statistics are.

 My son was 2 when he was diagnosed with a rare chromosomal disorder called MECP2 Duplication Syndrome. MECP2 has many symptoms but my son suffers from epilepsy, hypotonia, sleep apnea, reoccurring constipation, is more susceptible to respiratory infections, and is globally delayed. On May 31, 2019 Jaden went in for what should have been a routine MRI, but it turned into a nightmare. He never woke up from the anesthesia and ended up in ICU for nine days. Seven of those days he was hooked up to a ventilator and on an ass load of pharmaceuticals. He spent a total of 14 days in Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. During this hospital stay I also found out his aortic root is moderate to severely enlarged. Jaden is currently on restricted activity level. This life changing event rolled up almost 4 months after I had to pull Jaden out of Atlantic County Special Services School which is in Mays Landing, NJ.

On January 18 and February 14, 2019 my son was neglected and abused on school premises. On January 18 he had a bloody nose and none of the faculty could explain why there was dry and wet blood inside and outside his nose.
On February 14, the nurse and his teacher said he was playing on the floor and that’s when they noticed a scrape under his nose and what looked like a chapped lip. In my son’s IEP, Individualized Education Program, it states my son is to have a one to one personal aide 360 minutes daily. Where was his personal aide when these incidents happened? Why wasn’t an incident report filed? Why wasn’t I contacted January 18th? The nurse called me February 14th but that’s only because I complained about not being contact about the January 18th incident.  I filed a complaint with the resource officer stationed to ACSSSD, but he didn’t find any foul play. I asked him for a copy of the report, and he said no problem. However, when I requested the report from Hamilton township, they denied my request. I filed a complaint with the Department of Child Protective Agency and their report was inconclusive.  I also requested my son’s school records from Atlantic County Special Services School and Hamilton Township school district, neither institution has provided me with those documents.

Continuing, it feels AMAZING writing about how challenging 2019 has been. My biggest fears have manifested, and it is now time for healing. My son and I are fearful to go back to school and we both have PTSD from everything that has happened thus far but the one thing that has kept us going is GOD. We must ask GOD daily, to help us to forgive Atlantic County Special Services School and Hamilton township for their negligence, abuse, lack of response and lack of compassion. I pray that all parties involved have repented or choose a path that will bring them closer to GOD. All parties involved should be grateful that Jesus and GOD reached me before I could reach them. On September 10, 2019, I received a letter from Marylynn Stecher who the supervisor of Special Education and Child Study Teams. Ms. Stecher wanted to remind me that the Hamilton Township School District shall remain ready and willing to provide my son with a free and appropriate education. I think its adorable that the township wants to provide my son an education but wont even give me my son’s educational record nor will they give me the truth as to what happened to him while he was at school January 18th and February 14th.  

Dear near future,

    My son and I will find success in our educational environments. Educational environments where we will be safe, protected, nurtured and thirsty for knowledge. Jaden used to love school but has become timid about his educational future. I could live without a master’s degree, but my son was in 6th grade when the BS happened at Atlantic County Special Services School. He still has a great deal of primary education to gain. One of the reasons I loved school was because of the educators, counselors, faculty and staff that worked in the environment. I was blessed with some phenomenal people who nurtured, motivated, protected and educated me. I want my son to feel safe when he’s at school. I want him to have all the same educational opportunities I did.  DAMN THE SPECIAL NEEDS, DAMN HIS RACE, DAMN ALL THOSE STEREOTYPES THAT EXIST IN THIS 3D WORLD!!  This world and societies mind set is narrow minded and that is part of the reason our EDUCATIONAL system is DISCOMBOBULATED!

Sunday Vibes…Started @ 2:55 p.m.

Today I’m feeling Fantastic! I got to sleep in late as my usual wakeup time is between 6 and 8am. I had an awesome night last night and didn’t go to bed until 4 am. My mom and I had a “Tower Moment”, where we both were open and honest with each other. We have been “beefing” on and off for the past 6 years and within this last year and a half, things have gotten toxic and nasty. The conversation we had last night was about the events and emotions that have led to those negative moments. A huge burden was lifted off me by having that conversation, I felt so good that I couldn’t go to sleep which stimulated my creative juices.

In my opinion, “Tower Moments” are moments that help you release, they help you gain perspective, they give you clarity, they help you grow, and they might also reveal whose truly on your team. I had been praying for this moment for a while and my prayers were finally answered. I cannot emphasize how much God has been doing in my life. I’ve never felt closer to God and Jesus at any other point in my life. I’ve always believed in God and Jesus but the last 3 years, my relationship with those beautiful men has strengthen significantly. When I tell you, they been showing up and showing out… GOD IS SO AMAZING!! I will never live my life with out the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Since I’ve been strengthening my connection with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, I’ve been noticing things like repeating numbers, 1111, 222, 333 etc. and my ancestors have been communicating more along with the animal/insect community. I’ve been dreaming about spiders and physically seeing them everywhere I go. Sometimes I don’t even see the spider, I just see the web. I must admit spiders put in work when they weave their webs. Currently I have a friend named Nicholas, he’s a black and yellow garden spider that has moved into my mom’s gardening basket. The basket is located next to the trash cans so, every time I take out the trash I speak to Nicholas. He creates a beautiful web that has a silk zig zag in the middle, it’s super pretty. When black and yellow garden spiders spin their web, they also anchor the web in 5 different areas. Nicholas likes to anchor his web on my mom’s car sometimes if she backs up far enough. I told him he’s got to cut that out because when my son comes flying out the houses, he’s going to tear down your web. However, Nicholas doesn’t listen, he just does him and I’m not mad at that. This morning when took the trash out, we apparently got some rain last night and it destroyed his web. I get sad when his web gets destroyed. This is the seconded time the rain has destroyed his web, but he always rebuilds and it’s even more beautiful then it was before. Spiders used to creep me out, they still do but I have a new appreciation for the craftmanship it takes for Nicholas and his cousins to spin those delicate webs.

In my post about my 2019 lessons, I stated that my biggest fears had come to fruition. Now I’m also seeing animals and insects that creep me out. The events I’ve been experiencing and critters I’ve been seeing have been helping me to face my fears. There comes a time when you can no longer run from people, places or things that put fear in your heart, mind, body and soul. You must face those challenges and fears head on. Those fears or challenges have come about for a reason. EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON! There are so many beautiful people, places and things on Earth. There’s a reason why Earth is the only planet that’s can sustain life as we know. The climate crisis is legit, I love having the freedom to take a walk, to go to the beach, and to have the opportunity to go outside and breath in the fresh prana. We should all fight like hell to save this beautiful planet. We need to find positive and constructive ways to push back against the ignorance, delusions and hatred that exist in this world, especially when it comes to the climate crisis. It’s a beautiful day where I live, and I hope it’s a beautiful day where you are. No matter what your situation may be, no matter how many people you have supporting what you do, so long as you have breath in your body you can change your circumstance. I sincerely hope everyone has a beautiful day and a productive week!!

Signed a spiritual being, having physical experience while falling in love with her true authentic self and the WORLDS that surround her….Nbetween 2 Worlds  

My friend Nicolas the black and yellow garden spider

30 Things About Dominique😵

  1. I love Animals especially dolphins, owls and tigers
  2. I Love to eat especially Soul and Italian food
  3. I Love music
  4. I like to sing
  5. I Like playing outside but Love playing outside in the rain
  6. I Love thunderstorms
  7. I Love Egypt
  8. I Love learning new things
  9. I Love school, kinda want a masters degree but the way our education system is set up 😫😢🥱
  10. I Love to swim
  11. I Love star gazing
  12. I Love being a mom
  13. I Love to shuffle cards
  14. I Love to sew
  15. I Love to do arts and crafts, I think creativity is one of my superpowers 💪🏽
  16. I Love making videos
  17. I love spending time with my family
  18. I like going on road trips
  19. I Love earth science
  20. Spiders creep me out but I am fascinated by how they spin their webs
  21. I Love writing in my journal especially when I can write at the beach & when I’m board I draw on myself
  22. I Love watching movies
  23. I’m afraid of the dark and the darkness that dwells within me
  24. I Love getting my nails done
  25. I enjoy helping people
  26. I like playing video games
  27. I Love numbers.. I hated math in school but now I think I’m crushing on math😍
  28. I like doing science experiments
  29. I love the fall..hoodies, leather jackets and boots complete me 💃🏽
  30. I Love spending time alone, I often need it to recharge…being around a lot of people or large crowds drains my energy 💩😫😴😃😎

Shout Out to Disney for inspiring me to do this list 💜💙💚💛🧡