Perfectionism in the Workplace

Though out our lives, there are age milestones that set a standard of what you should and should not being doing, whether it be physical, mental or emotional. For example, when babies are born there is a developmental milestone chart from ages 2 months to 5 years old that helps parents monitor how their child is learning and adopting to their environments. According to, a child’s development and growth can be broken down into four stages which are infancy, preschool years, middle childhood years and adolescence. The adolescence years are from ages 12-18. During this time boys and girls begin to contemplate future goals and how they will achieve them.

Furthermore, some boys and girls know from adolescence what career path they will take. Their educational journey is centered around that path so they can become masters in their fields and have successful careers. However, some become obsessed with being perfectionist in their life and career. According to Very Well Mind, the characteristics of a perfectionist are fear of failure, procrastination, focused on results, highly critical, low self-esteem, defensiveness, and unrealistic standards. Being a perfectionist is an attitude that our society perpetuates. We are taught or shown from a young age that we need to have the perfect house, the perfect car, the perfect husband/wife, the perfect kids, the perfect hair, the perfect body and the perfect career. In the Merriam-Webster dictionary, perfect can be used as an adjective, verb or noun. It is defined as flawless, without fault or defect, to improve or refine and the perfect tense of languages. In the bible Matthew 5:48 Yahshua Hamashiach says Therefore you shall be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect.

 Continuing, the word perfect has been in motion since the bible was written. After reading Matthew 5:48, one would assume that Yahshua Hamashiach is asking you to be perfect. However, I believe this is not the case. Romans 3:23 says for we all have sinned and fall short of the glory. Romans 3:24 goes on to say being justified freely by His grace through the redemption this is in Yahshua Hamashiach. When you accept Yahshua as your savior you are acknowledging that you’re are a sinner and need guidance in living a more righteous life. You are reborn and being perfected by Yahushua’s grace. Man has continuously taken biblical scripture and used it for wickedness rather than salvation. I wonder if our society used biblical scripture to come up with the concept of being perfect.

      With the condition of the current workforce, I don’t understand why workers would be stressing to be perfect at their job or career. According to some psychologist, perfectionism is a mental health disorder that could lead to other disorders. It is important to identify if you are a perfectionist because you could have a mental health disorder.  Covid has exposed numerous discrepancies within our workforce and might have wiped out the need to be perfect and some perfectionist might be content with being good enough. Being good enough does not mean you don’t have adequate goals but rather you have healthy goals and are working diligently to achieve them.

In the long run, people should spend some time reflecting on themselves to determine if they are a perfectionist. There are several websites that have quizzes to help determine if you’re a perfectionist. Once the results are in maybe reach out to a therapist or psychologist to help treat your perfectionism. There is too much going on in our world to be striving to be perfect and we must keep our minds healthy. If those worldly resources don’t work, you could always reach out to Yahshua Hamashiach. He can help you overcome anything in this world as He did a long time ago.  1 Timothy 1:7 For Yah has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love and of a sound mind.

Some websites that offer Perfection quizzes.

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If we toss seeds on hard packed ground the chances of them taking root and producing healthy plants is minimal. However, if we plough and till the ground (that is, mix it up, break it apart, make it “less” solid and more “loose”) the chances of a variety of seeds (both those we purposely sow […]


Darkness around Me

His eyes glowed red His teeth were sharp His breath was warm with a cooling undertone Why was he here? Who was he here for? I hope not me…I can not die because a life waits for me I am a provider, a nurturer, a warrior, a mother I noticed his eyes glistening in the darkness, everything around me was black except for his glowing eyes He slowly approached me from the north west, I was paralyzed with fear so I did not move Where was I? Who brought me here? I can not die because a life waits for me I am a provider, a nurturer, a warrior, a mother My heart started racing yet my feet were planted like an elder tree As he got closer I leaned back until I was on the ground Those red eyes were in my face, I could see those sharp teeth Oh snap! What is he about to do? Why was I here with him? I can not die because a life waits for me I am a provider, a nurturer, a warrior, a mother He placed his paws on my shoulder, I could feel his breath on my face I began to giggle, nervously waiting for him to make his move Despite my fear, a calm was near… I felt everything would be alright. His eyes glowed red as mine filled with tears We exchanged looks and I felt like I was starring into the abyss. I saw a piece of myself in those glowing eyes. Was this a friendly bringing a warning? Was this thing even a HE? I’m not sure how I got there or why I was there but no harm came to me when I was in the darkness Maybe HE or SHE was there to guide me through the darkness!?

Moving to the Beat

My beat is fast, medium, and slow. My beat is loud, quiet and silent at times. My beat has high notes, low notes, and undertones only me and YAH hear. Sometimes others hear my beat but most times it is just me, my beat, and YAH.  We go to the beach where the waves are high and low, the sand is our dance floor. My beat takes me to the library where I am mute like a butterfly fluttering through a garden of Lilacs. Sometimes I get tired of my beat but the undertone pulls me back in. My beat is amusing, electrified, and sagacious. But sometimes we sing the blues when I’m swamped with emotions. My beat is stylish and futuristic with old school throwbacks because I love me some Sade and Anita Baker……..Singing: Ooh Oohhh Ooh Oohhh………………………. I’m caught up in the rapture of my beat. While it smoothly operates through my body and soul. Often my beat has me reminiscing about my sweetest taboos. And when those taboos become paradise an angel from heavenly places reminds me to hang on to YAH’s Love. For I am persuaded that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Messiah Yeshua our Lord. Romans 8:38-39

Symmetry & Human Psychology — mazeepuran (माझे e-पुराण)

“But why are we attracted to symmetry? Why do we human beings delight in seeing perfectly round planets through the lens of a telescope and six-sided snowflakes on a cold winter day? The answer must be partly psychological. I would claim that symmetry represents order, and we crave order in this strange universe we find […]

Symmetry & Human Psychology — mazeepuran (माझे e-पुराण)

Dear Future Husband,

HEEYY future husband! How are you feeling!?…Me, I’m feeling smooth. It’s Friday, I didn’t just get paid, I’m not party hunting or drinking but the bass on this Mary J Blige song is bumping and my boo-tay is shaking just a little. With everything going on in the world, I feel its important to sing and dance everyday. It keeps me grounded and helps me decompress. My emotions have been on one million lately…Well my emotions have been on one million since I was a little girl but that’s a different story for another day.

I see you💕

Currently I live with my son and our G.G.C.( Golden Girl Crew) which is my mom and grandma who has dementia. My grandma has been living with us for almost 8 years and has been declining little by little since moving with us. My mom and I feel like she’s been declining at a more rapid rate this year and it’s getting more difficult to deal with her. This morning around 8:30, I heard my grandma’s walker coming up the hallway. I assumed she was going to the bathroom but she was headed toward the front door. We have a step down into our house in the living room, Thank YAHWEH we do because my grandma would have left. When I approached her she looked scared, frazzled and didn’t recognize me. I asked her what was wrong and she said I need you to call the police they’re trying to kill me. Apparently, she had a nightmare and it took a while to calm her down. Within the last couple of months she’s been asking my mom if she’s dying and some days when she’s frustrated she says I wish GOD would just take me. I feel bad for my grandma. There are days when I wish YAHWEH would call her home because it seems like she’s suffering.

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Christmas 2019✨

So, after I did my part to calm my grandma down, I had to get ready for my son’s doctor appointment. I am loving the tell-a-med virtual appointments. He sees a few specialist and their offices are almost 2 hours away from where we live. I dread going up there but covid has lessened my burden on that end some what. His appointment went very well and we got a new neurologist which is something I’ve been talking to YAHWEH about. We were suppose to drive to the office in September but the nurse called and offered me a virtual visit instead. CAN I GET A AMEN AND HALLELUJAH!! His doc was asking me about school and I strongly dislike talking about school because of what we experienced last year. I had to withdraw him from school because I suspect he was neglected and abused. 2019 was a traumatic year for us but we made it through. Thanks to the Holy Trinity. Now that’s it time to go back to school my son wants to go back but he’s not keeping a mask on all day and I refuse to put him back into the school district he was previously in. So I don’t know what this school year is going to be like!???

Just got finished eating a snack and now we feel like a snack😁

After the appointment, my son and I watch some episodes from Shark week, washed the car and maxed and relaxed for the rest of the day. We had a great day! I hope you had a great day!! I also hope you are using the quarantine time to evaluate and upgrade your self. I’ve learned a lot about myself during this season. YAHWEH has been teaching me about myself and lots of other things. I’ve yearned to be a wife since I was a little girl but rejected the idea of marriage after things went south with my son’s father. However, over the past few years YAHWEH has been changing my perspective about marriage. Biblical marriage is completely different from worldly marriage. Just like biblical love is different from worldly love. I can’t get down with the LOVE IS LOVE narrative. I want Biblical Marriage, Biblical Love and a Biblical Family. Genesis 2:21-24 is one of my favorite scriptures. So like I said I hope you had a great day. I hope that you are safe wherever you are. I pray you are strengthening your intimate one-on-one relationship with the HOLY TRINITY. TTYL -Dom-

KJV 🙏🏽 Where’s my rib at??👀


1. Exoneration of thy self is not an easy task. It’s extremely turbulent and can cause extreme heart ache. Especially when others decide your fate.

2. Once the faults of the past are realized and examined, how do you move forward without repeating the same patterns, habits and/or addictions? Can you overide the urge to backslide into the darkness?

3. Exoneration of thy self can cause one’s self to explore; doing impulsive and destructive activities to one’s self & others. One’s mental health can diminish within seconds…

4. Sometimes it’s fun and exciting to dwell in the darkness. There are no rules or expectations when you’re in the darkness! You can do whatever, be whatever, think whatever, explore whatever in the darkness. There’s no responsibility or punishment in the darkness!?…

5. However, once you’re in the darkness can you fall deeper… deeper…until you reach the abyss? Regardless of what you have done, do you deserve redemption for the abominations that you have done? Can you climb out of the darkness and/or abyss with a clean slate; with a renewed heart, mind, body soul, and spirit?

6. I haven’t always been the best person to myself! I didn’t defend myself when I should have. I didn’t speak up for myself when I should have. I didn’t say NO when I should have. I didn’t LOVE myself the way I should have. I didn’t love YAHWEH the way I should have. I hid my pain and trauma because I was afraid of people’s reaction. I cried in silence behind closed doors so many times, for so many years. I ate my pain away until I became obese and ugly to some, even myself. I punished myself over and over for not doing and being better. YAHWEH said He wouldn’t flood the earth again but my tears can flood the earth 20 times over.

7. In my destruction of thy self, I wasn’t always a good daughter, mother, sister, or friend. I was extremely toxic in numerous ways to numerous people. I used and abused people. I bullied people. I emotionally manipulated people.I even thought of killing people and actually did. The only reason I’m not in jail is because it’s legal to get away with the murder I committed.

8. Some never get a second chance but, then there are some who are blessed with chance after chance to redeem themselves. Once redepmtion and exoneration is achieved, is this person ready to be rehabilitated into society? Whose helping “the redeemed” to rehabilitate into a society whose deemed them unworthy. Our justice system certainly doesn’t seem to work that way!?

9.Our society is quick to cancel somebody who disagrees with the popular opinion and gets highly offended when they don’t hear or see something that follows the popular movement or feeling. Emotions and feelings change day to day so, how do we deal with our changing emotinal state that often leads us into the darkness and/or abyss? Can we forgive and agree to disagree? Instead of forcing others to “bow down” to one’s ignorance? Can we have honest conversations where people don’t get offended? Can we work on healing old wounds that have bleed over thousands of times?

10. Exoneration of thy self is not an easy task. It’s extremely turbulent and can cause extreme heart ache. Especially when others decide your fate. I have been blessed with the opportunity to turn from my wicked ways.I never want to go back to the abyss and darkness. There is no life there. Am I perfect NO and never will be. Everday I have to diligently seek YESHUA in all my ways. YESHUA pulled me from the abyss and darkness so YAHWEH could renew my heart, mind, body, soul and spirit. I’m glad YAHWEH determines my fate and not the world!! Love you Heavenly Father!!🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩