30 Things About Jaden πŸ§

  1. I Love shrimp
  2. I Love essential oils
  3. I Love Spider man
  4. I Love pillows
  5. I Love playing peek-a-boo
  6. I Love getting and giving kisses when I’m in the mood
  7. I like hats
  8. I like playing on the computer
  9. I Love reading books
  10. I like watching TV
  11. I like playing in the park
  12. I Love slushies 🍧
  13. I Love colorful things especially the colour RED πŸ’―
  14. I Love musical instruments
  15. I like doing arts and crafts
  16. I like trains
  17. I love animals but not in real-time except cats, dogs or horses
  18. I Love to dance
  19. I Love eating food especially desert
  20. I Love going on road tripsπŸš—βœˆ
  21. I Love staying in hotels
  22. I Love birthday celebrations🎈🎁
  23. I Love roller coasters
  24. I like boats
  25. I love sports
  26. I love playing in the water, on rainy days I like splashing in the puddles
  27. I like going to school
  28. I love Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama…those are my presidents 😎
  29. I like getting my hair cut
  30. I love going grocery store πŸ›’

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