30 Things About Dominique😵

  1. I love Animals, especially dolphins, owls and tigers
  2. I Love to eat especially Soul and Italian food
  3. I Love music
  4. I like to sing
  5. I Like playing outside but Love playing outside in the rain
  6. I Love thunderstorms
  7. I Love Egypt
  8. I Love learning new things
  9. I Love school, kinda want a masters degree but the way our education system is set up 😫😢🥱
  10. I Love to swim
  11. I Love star gazing
  12. I Love being a mom
  13. I Love to shuffle cards
  14. I Love to sew
  15. I Love to do arts and crafts, I think creativity is one of my superpowers 💪🏽
  16. I Love making videos
  17. I love spending time with my family
  18. I like going on road trips
  19. I Love earth science
  20. Spiders creep me out but I am fascinated by how they spin their webs
  21. I Love writing in my journal especially when I can write at the beach & when I’m board I draw on myself
  22. I Love watching movies
  23. I’m afraid of the dark and the darkness that dwells within me
  24. I Love getting my nails done
  25. I enjoy helping people
  26. I like playing video games
  27. I Love numbers.. I hated math in school but now I think I’m crushing on math😍
  28. I like doing science experiments
  29. I love the fall..hoodies, leather jackets and boots complete me 💃🏽
  30. I Love spending time alone, I often need it to recharge…being around a lot of people or large crowds drains my energy 💩😫😴😃😎

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